Monthly Archives: January 2021

Truffle: Why it so expensive?

Have you heard of truffle? The first time I heard about this mushroom, I almost thought it was chocolate! In every restaurant, even food that we can order online is now available with various types of truffles. What exactly is this food and what has become so expensive? Let’s find out! Originating from Europe The […]

Spring : Delightful Season To Enjoy

Goodbye December and Welcome January! As we know there are four temperate seasons and my favorite is Spring Time. It’s the season of ideas about rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, awakening, and regrowth. It’s like a representation of the new year with a new spirit. Some countries have unique natural events when springs come. Such natural events […]

Cookies: What makes it so addictive

“I love having cookies because it makes my dreams crumb true” I used to love savory desserts and avoid sweets. But since I worked in one of the Japanese cake factories, it changes my whole life. When visiting a cake shop in Japan, I saw a tray of warm cookies coming out from the oven. […]

Chinese New Year 2021: Facts about it

Time flew so fast until we didn’t realize Christmas and New Year is over. Now, it’s time for us to get ready and preparing for the Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year Holiday starts from February 12th to February 26th, but generally this year it is celebrated on February 12th global (worldwide). However, there […]

Treat yourself in this New Year 2021

Are you feel unhappy and unsatisfied? We repeated the same activity every day. We woke up, get ready for work, lunch, after we finished the daily routine we ended up for bed. Everything went very fast, we went through every event together. Laughter, sadness, happiness, even anger, we feel it every day. Day after day […]

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