5 Cake Flavor That You Need to Try!

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When someone asks, what’s your all-time favorite Cake flavor? Most of you would answer with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. But we all know that there are tons of cake flavor than just that triple favorite.

Satisfy your taste buds by choosing a high-quality cake from the best cake shop near you. And lucky for you, here are some of the unique yet delicious cake recommendations, special from DORÉ by LeTAO!

1. Original Fromage

Let’s start with the basic but legendary, this is the original Fromage cheesecake from DORÉ by LeTAO, which became one of the best-selling cakes in Jakarta because it is known for its sweet and creamy texture that melts perfectly in your mouth.

2. Peach Blossom

Next up is DORÉ by LeTAO newest lite-series for international mother’s day. This cake is a less-sugar cake, it has a creamy texture and a sweet aroma with fresh yet tangy white and yellow peach. Your mother will absolutely adore this cake!

3. Caramel Macchiato

This cake is about a well-balanced flavor that compliments each other. If you love a mixture of coffee and caramel sauce, I think you should try this cake.

4. Ruby Pistachio

If you’re not familiar with Ruby Chocolate? Don’t worry, you can read about it here. According to Barry Callebaut, Ruby cocoa beans has a pink and ruby ​​color that gives out a berry flavor and mesmerizing appearance. Ruby Pistachio from DORÉ by LeTAO also has this nutty, silky, and fruity taste. What a magical yet elegant combination, don’t you think ?.

5. Honey Citroen

The sun is shining, the sea is sparkling, and the heat is just brutally hot ?! Lucky for you, there are better ways to enjoy summer like going to the pool with your loved ones or having a slice of Honey Citroen cake, not only does this cake give you a fresh and sweet taste, but it’s also aromatic and delicious.

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