7 Types of Cake You Need to Know

Indonesia has many kinds of cakes. But, do you really know all the types of cake there is?


Butter Cake

You might be most familiar with this type of cake. Anything includes cream butter and sugar is basically butter cake! You may mostly see this at a birthday party (usually kids’), usually the sheet-cake version with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. It may be old-fashioned, it is also traditional, but this cake might be everyone’s favorite!


Pound Cake

A pound cake can be like a sister of butter cake. It is called pound cake, because the proportion in making the cake can actually be measured by a pound. A pound of butter, a pound of eggs, and so on. These cakes are usually flavored very lightly, and served quite plain with some icing or glaze. 


Sponge Cake

This cake is super soft and cloudy, ring a bell? It is quite soft like a foam, and it has no artificial leaveners like baking powder or baking soda. Usually, it is layered with some syrup or jam, with whipped cream. In some areas, people call sponge cake differently. 


Chiffon Cake

So, what’s the difference between sponge cake and chiffon cake? Well, it is actually a fusion between sponge cake and oil cake. That is why both of them sound and taste quite similar, but the addition of oil gives it a richness similar to a shortened cake. Usually, it is baked in tube pans or layered with fillings and frostings.


Flourless Cake (baked & unbaked)

This is quite the famous cake trend lately, and you might have seen it across social media. This cake is often made in a springform pan, and sometimes can be both baked (something like flourless chocolate or cheesecake) and unbaked (like mousse or unbaked cheesecakes). As they are quite dense in fat, they may have a bottom crumb crust.


Carrot Cake

This cake uses the basics of butter cake, and it uses neutral oil like vegetable or canola oil. Usually, it comes out greasy due to the oil. When you add the carrot, it actually makes the cake extra moist. It also makes it more flavor-y with warm spices and rich cream cheese frosting. 


Red Velvet Cake

This is always a favorite. This cake can be made with butter or oil, as it essentially is a butter cake. It classically comes in a very red color, but sometimes they add extra red food coloring to achieve a really pretty and delicious red velvet cake. Usually, they layer the cake with a cream cheese frosting, and usually some nuts or crumbs of the red velvet cake itself. A chef at Waldorf-Astoria actually first baked this cake in the 1920s!


From all these types of cake, which one is your favorite?

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