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Mesmerizing Dessert, More Than Just Food

Strawberry Shortcake

Have you ever seen a really mesmerizing, jaw-dropping, and stunning dessert? The one that will make you stop, take a deep breath (or hold your breath), makes you don’t want to break it but you are just really curious how it tastes. This kind of dessert just makes you want to take a ton of […]

Happy National Dessert Day!

Original Hokkaido Roll Cake

It’s October here and now! Do you know that it’s not just Halloween that we celebrate in October? There is National Dessert Day on October 14th and mainly celebrated in the United States. This is the perfect celebration for a sweet tooth and dessert lovers! Because it is a perfect day or excuse to indulge […]

DORÉ by LeTAO : Do You Know That…


You already know DORÉ by LeTAO with our previous writing, now we will give you some facts to make you know us more than before! Do you know that, We have Cookies! Yes, Fromage is our specialty, but we have cookies for you and your loved ones too. A cute, compactible, and delicious goodness will […]

Cheesecake: Unique Experience of Dessert

Original Fromage – Cheesecake

Cheese has been my favorite ingredient and I do believe there’s no such thing as too much cheese because it is that good! It suits everything, from savory foods to sweets. I have this weird condition where I cannot eat too many sweets. I like sweets and desserts but if I eat too many sweets, […]

4 Reasons of Why You Should Be A Morning Person


Waking up in the morning time usually not everyone’s cup of tea’. To start it I’m sure you will have a thousand reasons to not become a morning person. Personally, being a Morning Person for me gives me a lot of benefits. I’ve tried it before and compared it with becoming a night owl, it’s […]

Reasons of Why We Should Give The Best For Your Loved Ones

Your Loved Ones are the most important people in your life besides yourself. Your Loved ones can be your parents, brother, sister, friends, or your partner too! Giving the best for Your Loved Ones sometimes feel tiring, but let me tell you some reason why it is worth your time, effort, and hassle.   “Happiness […]

18 Things to Do for Quarantine 2.0

Quarantine Trends

My hope for a better month for this September is a bit crushed. As Jakarta Governor announced another Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Jakarta. Another stay at home and work from home again for at least 2 weeks. It’s Jakarta’s quarantine 2.0 now! Please stay at home […]

Desserts Actually can Improve Our Health


This article will make a sweet tooth cheer all over the world! We always read and hear about how bad is desserts for your health. It’s not wrong, but sometimes it just gets too much and scared people about eating desserts, especially the weight loss program. So, what’s positive benefit desserts give to our health […]

Goodbye Summer-Hello September!


Summer officially finished and say hello to September! Many things are not what we expect this summer but it’s over now. Don’t be sad! It may be not what we expected but you got a different type of summer experience. Your expectations usually hang out together with your friends on the beach, carnival, festivals, or […]