Behind the Timeless Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

We all know this cake. Just by one look, and we can imagine the layers of chocolate-y indulgence in every bite. This is the world infamous Black Forest Cake that comes from Germany.


The Traditional Black Forest Cake

We can see many variations of this cake now. But the traditional version has multiple layers of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and some cherries on top. The cake is also covered with whipped cream, and added chocolate chips or chocolate shavings. Also, it includes Kirschwasser or Kirsch, a type of cherry liqueur. But did you know how this cake originated?


The Origin of Black Forest Cake

The traditional Black Forest made its way to popularity around the occurrence of World War II. It came from the Black Forest, in the mountain area of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, where married couples plant cherry trees–which are famous for its deliciousness. It is named Black Forest to depict the darkness, mystery, and romance of the region. Combined with Germany’s love of chocolate, we now have the infamous Black Forest Cake. 


Not just in Germany, this cake is also considered as a traditional dessert in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. In these countries, the appearance is quite identical. It’s more common for them to use dark wild cherries that are typically more sour in flavor.


DORÉ by LeTAO’s Black Forest Cake

DORÉ by LeTAO finally adds a variety to its menu, which is the black forest cake. It has layers of soft chocolate sponge cake, the sweet and soft chantilly, dark chocolate mousse that melts in every bite. The cake is topped with chocolate shavings on top to add the chocolatey goods, and a touch of fresh red maraschino cherries on top to add the perfect level of fruitiness to the cake. With sprinkles of blancia powder and glaze chocolate finishing makes this Black Forest Cake super pretty. 


This cake is the perfect one to consume with family, birthdays, gatherings, dessert, or even for you chocolate lovers to snack.


Imagine the layers of chocolate and how it melts in your mouth!


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