Birthday Cake Recommendations For Chocolate Addicts

Birthday is a once-in-a-year celebration that many people are excited for its arrival. Birthday marks a new age, a new beginning, and a new chapter that unfolds another exciting journey ahead. Whether enjoyed solo or celebrated with loved ones, the presence of birthday cake is magical. Here are our birthday cake recommendations for you all chocolate lovers!

  1. Velvet Noir Choco
    Formerly known as “Triple Chocolat”, this delectable chocolate cake offers a triple dose of chocolate bliss! Picture this, soft & velvety chocolate sponge cake adorned with layers of rich dark chocolate mousse, creamy chocolate cheese mousse, delicate white chocolate mousse, and finished with a chocolate glaze with strawberries.. This one is a perfect birthday cake!
  2. Double Chocolat
    Planning on hosting a fancy birthday celebration? Make your guests enchanted with our Double Chocolat! Featuring a classic chocolate sponge cake layered with luxurious Namelaka chocolate, white chocolate mousse, and finished with chocolate mirror glaze and blanchia powder. This elegant cake exudes a strong and bold aura that will shine just as brightly as you do!
  3. Hazelnut Chocolate
    A harmonious blend of hazelnut and chocolate is always a good idea. Indulge your tastebuds with a symphony of flavours of chocolate sponge cake, Namelaka chocolate, hazelnut chunk, and creamy hazelnut mousse. Wait, there’s more.. This cake is refined with a decadent chocolate mirror glaze, hazelnut halves, and cacao nibs for extra indulgence. Will this be your upcoming birthday cake of choice?
  4. Grandeur Chocolat Fromage
    Imagine our most famous Fromage, but comes bigger and with a chocolate flavour.. It will be Grandeur Chocolat Fromage! Taste the marriage of mascarpone cheese with chocolate baked cheese. This Fromage will elevate your birthday celebrations to a whole new level of sweetness!

Which one will be your next birthday cake, DORÉ Fans? Comment down below! ????

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