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Birthday Cake Recommendations For Chocolate Addicts

Birthday is a once-in-a-year celebration that many people are excited for its arrival. Birthday marks a new age, a new beginning, and a new chapter that unfolds another exciting journey ahead. Whether enjoyed solo or celebrated with loved ones, the presence of birthday cake is magical. Here are our birthday cake recommendations for you all […]

8 Tahun Perjalanan: Merayakan Everlasting Love 

Tidak terasa, 8 tahun telah berlalu. Cukup panjang perjalanan yang telah dilewati. Namun, setiap waktunya sangat berharga bagi kami, karena perjalanan indah ini ditempuh dengan penuh semangat untuk menghadirkan rasa manis yang penuh cinta.  Semuanya dimulai dengan impian sederhana untuk berbagi cinta dan kebahagiaan melalui makanan manis, dan For the Loved Ones, yang kemudian menjadi […]

What Does Pistachio Do to Your Body?

benefit of pistachio

Pistachio is known as a type of nut, but it is actually considered a seed. Pistachio has a hard shell and it tastes slightly sweet yet addicting. Just like any other type of nut, pistachio is also often found to be made into desserts. For instance, pistachio ice cream, pistachio pudding, and our very own […]

Special Cakes for Your Special Moments

Special cakes for your special ocassions presented by DORE by LeTAO

Nowadays, cakes have been a highlight in almost every celebration. But sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right cake for a certain moment. But with DORE by LeTAO, we offer you countless different cakes that suit any of your celebrations. Take a look at some of our cake recommendations below. Grandeur Hazelnut Praline Looking […]

3 Birthday Cake Flavors You May Like

Grandeur Fromage Burgundy

A Birthday Cake isn’t just something you eat on your special day, it is a mood booster, a companion when you’re sad, and a delicacy to be enjoyed any day of the week! In this blog, we’re going to be looking at the top 3 birthday cake flavors you may like. Lotus Biscoff One of […]

Brûlée New York Cheesecake: Empire State of Cheese

New York Cheesecake Brulee

In New York~  Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothin’ you can’t do 🎶 Who doesn’t know New York? It’s a city of dreams, empire state building, and Cheese. To be exact, their New York Cheesecake!  We are so happy to present all of you to our newest Love, Brûlée New York Cheesecake! […]

La Carrot: DORÉ Lite Series Newest Cake!

La Carrot

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle, sweet tooth, and pretty things, this one is for you! Our newest collection for DORÉ Lite, La Carrot 🧡 It’s our version of traditional carrot cake with our touch! Want to know it better? let’s dive into it! Traditional Carrot Cake Origin Do you know how […]

Ruby Fromage: Pretty in Pink & Romantic

Ruby Fromage Cheescake

Do you remember our RUBY FROMAGE? Or the color? Or even the taste of it? Ruby Fromage was one of our fromage options back then. Beautiful pink color like a heart that will remind you about Love. But do you know it’s not just the color that really makes you under the spell? Let’s find […]

Honey Citroen Cake: A Perfect Summer Treats

Honey Citroen Birthday Cake

August is the peak of Indonesia’s summer! It can be really hot here, it’s perfect for ice cream season and eating cakes, especially cold one. DORÉ is really happy to help you to enjoy this summer better with our newest cake, Honey Citroen Cake! 💛 Beautiful Bright Color of Summer! Honey Citroen cake as you […]

Birthday Celebration Tradition: How it Started?

Birthday Celebration Tradition: How it Started?

Birthday is a special day for everyone in their life. Whether you celebrate it or not, it is always been a special day and you can’t help to feel happy about it! Birthday celebration surely a tradition to some people, have you ever wonder how did it start? Let’s find out together about it! First […]

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