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DORÉ by LeTAO : Do You Know That…

You already know DORÉ by LeTAO with our previous writing, now we will give you some facts to make you know us more than before! Do you know that, We have Cookies! Yes, Fromage is our specialty, but we have cookies for you and your loved ones too. A cute, compactible, and delicious goodness will […]

How to Throw the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party

Throwing kids’ birthday parties can be quite overwhelming, as you might not know the right way to do it, and you’re scared that he/she won’t like it. So here’s a simple guide to throw the best kids’ birthday party for your loved little one(s)!   What Do They Want? A lot of kids are quite […]

7 Steps to Celebrate Office Birthdays in New Normal

How are we supposed to celebrate our colleagues’ birthday in the office, but Jakarta is still under the New Normal regulations?   As we all know, Indonesia is under the New Normal (PSBB) regulations due to the global pandemic. Some of us are already back to going to the office every weekday. We may have […]

Kue Cucur : Si Kecil Manis


Kecil menggemaskan dan manis, kue cucur sudah menjadi salah satu jajanan yang wajib buat kita semua coba! Warna khas kecokelatannya dengan tekstur yang lembut di tengah namun renyah dipinggirannya menjadi salah satu kue jajanan yang sampai sekarang saya suka. Rasanya juga tidak terlalu manis dan teksturnya sangat pas antara renyah dan lembutnya menjadi salah satu […]

5 Meaningful Simple Gift Ideas For the Loved Ones

Gift Ideas

Giving gifts has been a tradition for us when there is an important date, celebration, or simply just because you love them. In fact, giving gifts has been one type of love language. For some people, receiving a gift or giving gifts as their way to show or recognize love. Gifts don’t mean an expensive […]

Behind the Timeless Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

We all know this cake. Just by one look, and we can imagine the layers of chocolate-y indulgence in every bite. This is the world infamous Black Forest Cake that comes from Germany.   The Traditional Black Forest Cake We can see many variations of this cake now. But the traditional version has multiple layers […]