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3 Best Ramadan Snacks For Iftar Party

Ramadan is a time for togetherness. This month, people often host Iftar parties with their loved ones to gather and share laughter, counting every moment and cherishing it. It’s undeniable that hosting an Iftar gathering can be the busiest day for some people, especially when deciding on the menu. However, one thing is for sure, […]

What Do DORÉ Cookies Tell About You?

Cookies are tiny treats that add sweetness to every moment of your day. Whether you are busy working, enjoying cherished moments with your loved ones, or exploring new places, cookies serve as delightful companions that lift your mood! With a variety of cookie flavours available at DORÉ by LeTAO, let’s discover what your favourite DORÉ […]

How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions in 3 Easy Ways

Welcome to the New Year, DORÉ Fans! It is a wonderful time to embrace a fresh start and create a new chapter. As we embark on a new journey, setting resolutions can be a way to architect a better version of ourselves where we transform aspirations into tangible goals. However, for many, checking off those […]

Date Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

celebrating valentine with DORE by LeTAO

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is a good opportunity to ask your loved ones to have quality time together. Usually, Valentine’s Day is associated with fine dining, gift exchanging, and giving chocolate. But other than ‘the usual’ practices, what activity can you do with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Worry not, we have some […]

Did You Know The Health Benefits of Cookies?

Le Crunch

Are there any health benefits we can gain from eating cookies? So, is it ok if we consume cookies every day? We love cookies simply because they’re sweet, easy to carry, perfect for a bite-sized snack, bring families and friends together, and it turns out cookies also contain health benefits. Eating cookies can bring back […]

Le Crunch: Japanese Cookie Style!

Le Crunch

Have you ever tried Japanese Cookie Style? It’s not a regular cookie! This is a special cookie called Maalu and we are inspired by our Japan brand, LeTAO! Right now, we are making our version and available just for you! Do you know what is Maalu or Le Crunch? Let’s get to know it more! LeTAO’s Premier […]

Reasons of Why You Should Love Cookies

Reasons of Why You Should Love Cookies

Cookies-oh-cookies! Uncommonly made, Uncommonly good I Cookies So Much! Cookies are my favorite snack to eat, it just so fun and delicious to munch it! Here are some of the reasons Why You Should Love Cookies! (if you did not yet love it, let me convince you) Ideal Traveling Food They are practical because of […]

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