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Cheeseburger Day, Smile and Say Cheese!

As maybe you already know from our last article, we will celebrate Cheeseburger Day on the 18th of September! It’s a special day dedicated to cheeseburgers 😄 Do you know why there is this celebration? And why are Americans so crazy about it? Let’s find out more with us! The invention of the Cheeseburger is […]

White Lotus Fromage: A Modern Mooncake

White Lotus Fromage Cheescake

To welcoming Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival, we are having our own Mooncake version, White Lotus Fromage!  Do you know what is the festival?  What things that we celebrate?  And White Lotus Fromage? Let’s find it out more! Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival It is the second most important festival for the Chinese. It’s a […]

Autumn September: Hope for Harmonious Life!

Autumn September: Hope for Harmonious Life!

September is here and now! Beautiful scenery, weather, and hopefully beautiful life too. Without realizing it, we’ve been through half of the first year and we’re entering the end of the year soon. Don’t be sad but cherish all of the memories we made this year!  We list some of the upcoming events in September […]

Ruby Fromage: Pretty in Pink & Romantic

Ruby Fromage Cheescake

Do you remember our RUBY FROMAGE? Or the color? Or even the taste of it? Ruby Fromage was one of our fromage options back then. Beautiful pink color like a heart that will remind you about Love. But do you know it’s not just the color that really makes you under the spell? Let’s find […]

Indonesia’s Independence Day: Celebration From Home

Indonesia’s Independence Day: Celebration From Home

On August 17th, Indonesian celebrate their Independence Day! Known as Tujuh Belas Agustus Hari Kemerdekaan 😀 A celebration for us that we are a free country, out of colonialist power. It’s a momentum moment for Indonesian. Celebrating independence day is a custom thing to do on August 17th. Sadly, we are in quarantine now and […]

Coffee: Who Doesn’t Know Them?

Coffee: Who Doesn’t Know Them?

Before Croffle fever, there is Coffee a long way ago even up until now! It’s become a popular drink for everyone, even it’s like a morning magic spell! While I’m writing this, I’m sipping my morning coffee to make it easier to write and focus 😂  I still remember how it changes my life. It’s […]

Reminder: Don’t Forget to Relax & Self-Care!

Don?t Forget to Relax & Self-Care

It’s the weekend and the perfect time to relax and recharge your energy. As you already work hard through the weeks, let’s take some time off, relax, and give yourself some reward by doing any self-care!  We know sometimes it’s hard to take a break and do self-care, especially if you are a perfectionist or […]

Honey Citroen Cake: A Perfect Summer Treats

Honey Citroen Birthday Cake

August is the peak of Indonesia’s summer! It can be really hot here, it’s perfect for ice cream season and eating cakes, especially cold one. DORÉ is really happy to help you to enjoy this summer better with our newest cake, Honey Citroen Cake! 💛 Beautiful Bright Color of Summer! Honey Citroen cake as you […]

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