Condensed Milk: The Best Dessert to Eat With

Condensed Milk: The Best Dessert to Eat With

It’s Condensed milk is a very thick and sweet product of cow’s milk from which water has been removed roughly 60% with sugar added. This product used in numerous dessert dishes in many countries. It will be a wonderful transformation when transformed into several dishes. A variegated sweet assorted with a touch of creamy texture.

Why it becomes everyone’s favorite?

We know you might be thinking. It’s overloaded sugar, syrupy thick, sticky and it won’t be got to be consumed on its own. Their creaminess is the key, a little sweetness goes a long way with any desserts! It obviously won’t taste as fresh as the regular cow’s milk.

Because it’s not regular milk, don’t drink it straight! When you consume excess sugar, the extra insulin in your bloodstream can affect your arteries. This will cause several diseases to your body such as your heart disease. Also, it could be risky for your body weight. So how can we enjoy the sweetness of condensed milk to the fullest?

What is the best food or dessert to eat with?

To reduce the original sweet of it, we need something that needs to balance it. A subtle texture with a punch of bitterness.
Thai Tea Fromage is a great choice! Our signature Fromage infused with Thai Tea. Thai Tea has a unique spice bitter-sweet taste. We made our Thai Tea with a hint of bitterness to make a perfectly balanced Fromage cake. You can adjust our specialty condensed milk, Miruku (ミルク) to maximize your sweet tooth. A perfect balance between bitter and sweet! The unique taste of Thai Tea and our exquisite Cheesecake to accompany your days. It’s a perfect fusion culture of Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia. A wonderful Thai Tea Cheese Cake that ever existed. Satisfy your craving with our Thai Tea Fromage!`

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