Date Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

celebrating valentine with DORE by LeTAO

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is a good opportunity to ask your loved ones to have quality time together. Usually, Valentine’s Day is associated with fine dining, gift exchanging, and giving chocolate. But other than ‘the usual’ practices, what activity can you do with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Worry not, we have some date ideas for you.

  1. Picnic

Spending time together outside while sitting and enjoying the warm sun might be the best choice if you wish to relax with your partner. Prepare a large picnic blanket, plates, utensils, napkins, some food and drinks. Preferably something that is easy to eat, such as sandwiches and cookies for food. You can bring a cake if you want, it would be great to celebrate Valentine’s Day by eating cake outside. Just be careful not to turn it upside down.

  1. Art Classes

Want to actually be productive on your date? A pottery class or painting class seems perfect for you. It might not sound much, but it will be a special memory for you and your loved one. Or maybe do something that can be done in the comfort of your house, such as painting t-shirts or flower pots together. The result can be exchanged as a valentine’s gift as well!

  1. Themed Photo Shoot

Memories can be forgotten, but pictures stay longer. Having a themed photo shoot with your loved one will definitely preserve a precious memory of you and them. It does not have to be fancy, you can do it with your phone and with a simple theme such as back to high school or black and white. Or you can use fancier themes such as mafia, cottage core, or even movie-inspired themes. If you wish to have natural light and have a photo shoot outdoors, make sure to go to the location beforehand.

Have you decided what to do on your date yet? Tell us what you think!

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