Dessert as a Way of Therapy


Dessert is a perfect and simple way to make your mood become better. But what if you can’t eat sweet things too much? I had this problem for a long time but dessert still makes me feel better not just through eating it. Looking at how it was made, the process, or even making it is a good way of therapy!

Dessert making process

I’ve been struggling to enjoy my dessert since I was little. Every time I try to eat desserts, I can eat it for a couple of spoons, and then that’s it. Usually, something too creamy makes me unable to eat it. But for years, I’ve been watching how to make cakes or desserts on Youtube and other platforms. Watching the process of it just makes me calmer and in a better mood. Whenever I’m not in a good mood, I always look at my favorite Youtube Channel for making dessert, it’s HidaMari Cooking! You can check other channels like Tastemade, Tasty, Insider Food, and many more. You guys should check it because it is satisfying and has been good therapy for me hahaha..

Making Dessert as a Therapy

Making a dessert itself is therapeutic too for me! Following the recipes, step by step, measuring precisely the ingredients makes my mind calmer and happy. It’s like I’m in my own space, a beautiful one, from nothing to something that is filled with my creations. You will enjoy the process of making it and when it’s done, the feel of completeness will bring joy to you. And you can share your creations with your friends, family, or even to your social media and you just spread joys!

For those who cannot eat dessert that much, making it and watching how it is made can be your alternative to enjoy or make it as your therapy. When you feel sad, down, or stressed just do grab your dessert and eat it or watch how to make desserts or you can make it by yourself! Dessert has been cheering me up when I was sad or feeling down by just simply looking at it, eating it, or making it from the beginning. It’s just magnificent how dessert can be a therapy for me. I do hope dessert can make you feel the same as I am! 🙂

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