Dining In New Normal: A Guide

You’re probably sick being inside the house and wondering if it’s safe to dine outside yet. Here’s a guide to dining in new normal!

We all know that the threat from COVID-19 still roams around Indonesia, especially in big areas such as Jakarta. Indonesia is currently under the new normal regulation. Shops are finally opening, including malls. Many foods and beverage tenants are finally allowed to open dining in new normal with protocols.

Dining Experience: Social Distancing Edition

Currently, malls are open under health protocols to ensure the health and safety of visitors. Taking Grand Indonesia for example, they also have allowed dining in experience, including at FOODPRINT, the infamous dining area of the mall. According to their Instagram Post, physical distancing shields are installed on every table, and the area is sanitized regularly. They are advising various health procedures while dining in with them. One of them is to choose contactless payment methods and to wash hands regularly.



As we are quite the tech-savvy generation, there are many ways to order without contact nowadays. There is gofood’s ‘Pickup’ feature on their app for example. There are also online order services. If there is no other way to order but through contact, make sure you and the staff are sanitized, safe, and using a mask. Also, don’t forget to keep the distance!



Cash payments can be one of the mediums of virus transmission. Some restaurants have stopped receiving cash payments due to this. As a good citizen, we can prepare the payment before your order. You can top-up the many mediums of e-payment beforehand. This way, you are being a hero to this generation!


Health Protocols

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that the transmission is so not visible to our human eyes. That is why, we need to remember the health protocols, starting from the simple things. Wash your hands regularly, bring and use your sanitizer, and always put on your mask!


We’re all hoping for the end of this pandemic, so we can go outside and have our old routines feeling all safe. Even though the dining experience is finally open, your health comes first. Let’s protect ourselves and our loved ones!

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