DORÉ by LeTAO : Do You Know That…


You already know DORÉ by LeTAO with our previous writing, now we will give you some facts to make you know us more than before!

Do you know that, We have Cookies!

Yes, Fromage is our specialty, but we have cookies for you and your loved ones too. A cute, compactible, and delicious goodness will give you a boost for your day. We do have chocolate cookies (it’s called Le Choco Noir), Cheddar Gouda cookies, Earl Grey Cookies (earl grey lovers!), and Basil Gorgonzola Cookies! It’s a unique flavor cookie and you will never bored by it 😉

Do you know that, We have Fromage Pot!

Dessert in a jar has been a new trend for eating dessert lately. That’s why we have Fromage Pot for your easiness eat your favorite desserts! It is soft, light, and even easy to bring and eat. It is perfect when you want some of our signature Fromage but doesn’t want to buy a whole cake mood. Check our website and buy some for your sweet craving 😉

Do you know that, You can personalize Tag and Ribbon!

Yes, we can make your own personalized tag and ribbon to make your order packaging looks more beautiful and meaningful. This is a perfect time for you to send cakes to your loved ones while quarantine but want to give those simple yet meaningful touches to your cakes, our personalized tag and ribbon will be perfect for that! Just make sure to contact us to have this covered.

Do you know that, We have a Special Theme each Season!

To make sure our product always relevant to each special occasion, we always up to date to the season and event. For example Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Jakarta’s Birthday, and etc. We always pick a special theme for more exciting and relevant packaging and sweet delicacy for your pleasure! We even have special cakes flavor too depends on the seasonal fruit or our special theme. You will be satisfied with our various choices.

Last but not lease :

Do you know that, DORÉ by LeTAO cakes has their own personality!

Yes, that’s true! Each cake has their own personality or character. Know them more, so you can get the perfect cakes for your special occasions. And isn’t it fun to know that cakes have their own character? It is perfect for kids because you can give a story-telling about cakes to them! It will bring more joy to them for sure. Besides that, you can give a similar character of your cakes to your loved ones too. Remember those simple yet meaningful detail is always a heartwarming and loveable gift.

There are some of our fun facts! How many Do You Know That you already know before this? Share us your thoughts, because we will be happy to hear your feedback 🙂 Have a good day!

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