DORÉ Circle of Love – From Self to the World

DORÉ Circle of Love ? From Self to the World

“Thank you! For your Loved Ones” 

You would probably hear this from our staff after your purchase in one of our shops.

‘For Your Loved Ones’ has been our core value since the beginning, it is the very reason why DORÉ founders created this business, in partnership with LeTAO Japan.

We wanted to create food & gifting that comes from the heart and full of Love. We believe if anyone was to be asked, what will you do to make your most Loved Ones happy? The answer will be ‘Everything!’

Love is in Our Spirit Every Day

to give everything we can, to serve our customers’ needs to share their most sincere love for their loved ones. That is why we really take great care in the level of detail in our product. Not just in the taste and quality, but also in our packaging story and beauty. Even accessories like the gift tags sometimes give the most impactful finishing touch to the gifting experience.

We admit we still have much to improve to reach our own standard. But if it is For Your Loved Ones, we see no finishing line in this quest! Especially when we realize that we have the ability to potentially creating a smile for our Loved Ones every single day.

This is why we do what we do!

Throughout these 6 years of the DORÉ journey,

We have been helping our customers to share their Love and appreciation around their families and friends. We encouraged #SelfLove through our creation of the DORÉ Lite series (low sugar cakes), in collaboration with the famous celebrity, Andrea Dian.

DORÉ & Andrea share the same desire to allow all the women to indulge in their love for sweets and cakes. And with less guilt and worry about their sugar intake. For Andrea, a health enthusiast who exercises religiously, treating herself with delicious yet less sugar DORÉ Lites is part of her well-deserved Self Love! And she wants to help many other like-minded health-conscious women to do that too.

From Self Love to Sharing for your Loved Ones, Circle of Love ❤️

DORÉ aspires to help our customers to share their love to an even bigger circle. For this Lebaran 2021, we created a campaign ‘Heart of Giving’ that aims to invite our customers to raise the consciousness of all the people around us, particularly to share an appreciation for people that we come across and to spread kindness all around.

DORÉ is prepared to give away thousands of cookies to spark a ripple of love, starting from our customers getting a goodie bag of 3 ‘Circle of Love’ cookies for every purchase of any DORÉ product.

Our staff will explain to our customers that the first cookie is meant for themselves (#SelfLove), the second cookie is meant for their most loved ones (#ForYourLovedOnes), and the third cookie is meant for anyone they come across that day, whom they want to show appreciation to or anyone who is in need of this act of kindness (#HeartofGiving). It can be from the security guard who helps open the door for you that very morning or to anyone whom you just want to add a little smile to their day.

We believe that we all have within us that desire of Giving

It is from that Giving that we Receive,

Happiness that we feel for ourselves when we give (time/attention/gifting),

It is that Heart of Giving ❤️

To strive for a bigger impact,

DORÉ has decided to make a partnership with Rumah Faye, a non-profit organization whose mission is to free Indonesian children from human trafficking, violence, and exploitation.

Rumah Faye aims to achieve their mission by:

  1. Prevention – to increase community awareness of child trafficking, child exploitation, and sexual violence against children
  2. Rescue – to rescue children from trafficking exploitation, and sexual abuse
  3. Recovery – to provide safe haven, including counseling, education, and life skills, for victims of child trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.

We are sincerely and deeply touched by their passion and cause and what has really amazed us is the fact that Rumah Faye was started by Faye Simanjuntak, a 14-year-old girl when she found out the horrors of child trafficking and decided to act.

DORÉ x Rumah Faye

To help their cause by providing free birthday cakes for all the children that they rehabilitate in their homes. We will strive to raise awareness among our customers by sharing Rumah Faye’s story and mission by putting up banners and brochures in our shops and posting on our social media platforms.

We will also set up Heart of Giving boxes to collect the ‘third cookie’ from our customers who want to give it to the children of Rumah Faye and to gather donations from anyone who wants to help Rumah Faye in their cause. Any donation would help to fund their rescuing operations and their rehabilitation programs.

We Hope

through DORÉ Circle of Love campaigns, we can continuously help more customers to share their love, starting from ourselves (#SelfLove), to their most loved ones (#ForYourLovedOnes), and to the World (#Heart of Giving)!



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