DORÉ Fromage: Crafted with #SecretRecipeOfLOVE

Over the years, our Fromage has been the sweetest companion in everyone’s golden moments with their Loved Ones. This legendary cheesecake is celebrated for its softness and melts-in-your-mouth texture once you take a bite, the perfect cake to savour when looking for something cheesy and velvety.

As a cheesecake specialist in Indonesia under LeTAO in Japan, our Fromage is crafted daily using the recipe from LeTAO. Within layers, you are pampered by the creaminess of baked cheese cream and Mascarpone cheese mousse. Each bite of Fromage transports you straight to Hokkaido, Japan!

In making Fromage, we have a secret recipe to be revealed! It’s LOVE. DORÉ by LeTAO is renowned as the ambassador of love, and we aim to be the medium of people sharing love through our cakes and desserts. Of course, we infuse LOVE into our Fromage as well.

Our Fromage is beyond cheesecake, it is a taste of LOVE that delights everyone who enjoys it and creates a lasting palate memory. For the upcoming Cheese Day and any celebrations ahead, let’s toast it with DORÉ Fromage, the #1 Cheesecake in Indonesia!

What is your favourite Fromage flavour, aDORÉbles? Comment down below!

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