DORÉ Medley: A Classic Flavor Combination

DORÉ Medley

Classic flavor combination you’ll love.

Why taste one cake when you can have all the slices from each of your favorite classics!

It’s your one-way ticket to wonderland! Why not explore and experience the mesmerizing yet artistic-looking dessert. Brace yourself for eight times the love, happiness, and joy. It’s a perfect balance and combination of sweet, salty, bitter, fruity, and fresh sour tastes with a creamy and smooth texture in one cake.

Mix and match the slice

From fashion to dessert, mix and match are a notable trend among Gen Z and Gen Xers. Not just the balance and explosion of flavor from the cake you’ll get, but also the artistic style and unique vibrant color.

Fusion food and baking

Like home-style cooking, the baking process constantly evolves and follows the newest trends and techniques. Still, it’s all about finding the best combination and experience from different classic flavor combinations from other countries or cultures to create a unique new menu in the culinary field.

Fusion Food was first introduced by a famous chef named Wolfgang Puck in the 1970s. Wolfgang Puck deliberately created a menu that combines Asian and European flavors. However, Fusion food starts rising in the 1990s, resulting in a combination of food from different cultural backgrounds.

Different experience

Love a chocolaty and creamy dessert? Or do you prefer a tropical with a fresh and sour taste? Still, Each flavor of cake can have different meanings to different people. Eating it bring back memories or make new memories depending on your mood.

But lucky for you, this cake has it all. The semisweet chocolate tastes, the fresh and sour from mango fruit, natural grassy and aromatic matcha, crunchy and buttery biscuit, and the salty, smooth, and creamy texture all in one cake.

Share the slice of love with DORÉ Medley

It’s the perfect cake to share with your family, friends, or relatives, a classic and unique combination for all to enjoy. This cake contains a slice of the timeless black forest, matcha chocolate, lotus biscoff, mango bliss, double chocolate, chocolate Fromage, ruby Fromage, and original fromage.

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