Things You Need to Know About Less Sugar Cakes

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Really in love with Cake or Dessert but in diet? Want a change to the Less-Sugar Cakes but not sure it is good? Or afraid that it tastes bland?

Less-Sugar Cakes has been something debated for years. Some love it, some are not sure about it. We all know that in making cakes or desserts, recipes are Crucial! Every measurement of sugar, salt, eggs, flour, etc really has a big impact on the result, taste wisely, and appearance.

Today let’s see Everything that You Need to Know About Less-Sugar Cakes with us!

The Effect of Sugar on Your Cake

Believe it or not, it’s not just to sweeten your cake or dessert. Sugar plays a really important part in baking! It can affect your cake’s texture, color, moisture, add volume, softness, and taste. Sugar can enhance some flavor like in Banana Bread. Not a sweet flavor, but it can enhance the banana flavor! It is quite surprising to say, but that’s the truth.

Sugar can make a cake’s appearance more golden-brown because of the caramelized process. Some cakes need this golden-brown color to make them more appealing. 

Can you bake a Delicious Cake Without Sugar?
The answer is Yes you can. BUT it will be hard…

Here’s the tricky part. Sugar not only a sweetener on the cake, but it also plays a big role in the texture, color, and how well they keep the shape. To bake a delicious cake without sugar is possible, but you need to find alternatives

Besides looking for sugar replacement with those alternatives, you need to consider how to bake it, the texture, and how the alternatives will react to heat, or how long you need to bake it. It is quite complex to bake without sugar, and we do not recommend it for beginner bakers. 

Less-Sugar Cakes Without Losing Best Part of Cakes, Is it Possible?

Eating cakes without sugar in them can be a disaster if you don’t know how to make them good. But eating at a normal sugar level, make you worry about your sugar intake. It is a difficult thing to do for health-conscious people and people who have diabetes. So, is it possible to make Less-Sugar Cakes without losing the main essence of the cakes (ex. texture, flavor, and appearance)?

It is Possible! 

Less Sugar, Less Worry?

It may taste different a bit from the normal sugar one, does it worth it? Can less sugar cake make us less worried? The answer is yes! Kind of…

It will make you less worry about sugar level but not really about calories. Less sugar indeed fewer calories, but depends on the other component too. If you really on diet, you must consider the other components too and the portion. It is quite challenging but you still can enjoy it. Try our DORÉ Lite series, it is Less Sugar, and definitely don’t worry about the other component that much! 🙂

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