Express Your Emotion with Fromoji 🥰

Express Your Emotion with Fromoji

It’s Emoji Day today! Happy Emoji Day & let’s welcome our newest family member, Fromoji!

As you already know, we share some facts about Emoji Day last Wednesday. You may know it already or not, but Emoji Day starts in 2017. Emoji has been an important thing in our daily message. To celebrate this year’s Emoji Day, we want to give you something new and fun, which is Fromoji 😍

What is Fromoji?

It is our signature Fromage but we add the fun into it! Since our Fromage color is yellow, it is easy to make it become an Emoji. Then we add fondant to our Fromage to assemble an Emoji. It is really fun to assemble it and you definitely will Love the result!


You can choose between these emojis! Perfect for yourself and gift for your friends, family, co-worker, and your Loved Ones. In this quarantine life again, we are here to bring some joy, fun, and love to our beloved customers with our newest Fromoji Series. We want to help you to send how you Feel to someone else by sending them these Sweets. We want you guys to share your emotions in a fun and delicious way! 

Express Your Emotion with Fromoji

Send some to your friends and yourself and have fun together assembling it! Plus point, you can enjoy the sweetness too. Fun, delicious, and share your Happiness and Positive vibe with your Loved Ones 😘

You can ask us more or order for yourself or your friend, simply just click here!😊

Let’s enjoy sweet treats while you are expressing your emotions 😍😜❤️

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