Fun Things To Do During Christmas Eve

During Christmas Event

Christmas Eve, the night before the day usually filled with eating together or going to church. But what if you’ve done all of that? What fun things you can do more? Have no idea? We got you!

We will give you suggestions and you can do it during your Christmas Dinner or after that. So let’s dig in!

Christmas Movies Marathon

After dinner or church favorite activity, movies marathon! Christmas movie somehow brings you a different vibe and it’s heartwarming. What can be more Christmas-y than watching a classic Christmas movie, right? If you are wondering what movies, here are some lists of them. You’re welcome!

Playing Musical Chair with Christmas Carols

This is a fun game for every age! From the youngest to the oldest, the Musical Chair game definitely has a place in everyone’s hearts. While you play, you will use Christmas Carols songs from Jingle bells to Winter Wonderland! Make your Christmas Eve more festive 🥳


A noble act for someone who wants to do good more. Volunteering is a good thing to do too after your church activity or Christmas dinner. You can volunteer around your home environment or an orphanage near too. Because sharing is caring and it brings you more Joy too 🥰

Playing Board Games Together

If playing physically too dangerous or too tired, board games can be your choice! It’s fun, fewer gadgets, and more together time! You can play a simple board game or even a complicated one. Nowadays it’s really easy to rent them if you don’t want to buy them. Find your local friendly board game store!

Build a Christmas Cup Tower

Have a little competition between your Loved Ones with stacking cups to make it Christmas Tree! It’s fun and you can let out your competitive side too. Maybe you can get a new Christmas tree made from cups 😉

Play “Christmas is All Around”

Take a cue from Bill Nighy‘s character in Love Actually and play “Christmas Is All Around”. Take some of your favorite songs and replace the word “love” with “Christmas.” Whoever can make it sound the least awkward is the winner.

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