Happiness To Go with You!

When you are in a rush or want to brighten your Loved Ones’ day at home, take ‘Happiness To Go With You’! Discover our selection of portable delights, crafted to be enjoyed anywhere. From satisfying crunchiness in every bite to a luxurious softness in a jar, each of our ‘Happiness To Go With You’ elevates your taste buds!

Danish Fromage
Let’s meet our first pastry to-go, Danish Fromage! Imagine, a warm, buttery pastry gleaming with golden shine and boasting flaky layers, enfolding soft Original Fromage and Chocolate Fromage in the middle. The perfect sweet light snack for your Loved Ones at any time of the day!

Panna Cotta
A velvety soft treat, loved by everyone! Made with milk and cream, this dessert boasts a pudding-like texture and is wonderfully light, perfect for any occasion and celebration. Our panna cotta is available in a variety of puree flavours: strawberry, chocolat, mango, lychee, and café au lait.

Sliced Hokkaido Roll Cake
A dreamy softness that will take you to fascinating Hokkaido in Japan. Started it off with a soft sponge cake filled with our signature cream cheese, rolled into perfection, and sliced with love. Available for Original Hokkaido Roll Cake and Chocolat Hokkaido Roll Cake!

Which one will you take home, DORÉ Fans? These treats are available at all DORÉ stores!


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