How to Celebrate Birthday In Quarantine

Quarantine Special Cake

Who here wants to celebrate a birthday, but social distancing won’t let you? Either it’s your own birthday, or you want to surprise your loved ones. Don’t worry! Let’s embrace this opportunity to throw the best and–most certainly–memorable birthday with your friends and family!


Make a Snazzy E-Invitation

Remember the good old days where you make birthday invitations? All the details are written, starting from the venue, until the dress code. Well who said we can’t do that in quarantine? You can design it using design software like Canva, Photoshop, or even find templates on Pinterest!


Online Party!

One thing you can take out from your birthday preparation list is deciding which venue you’re going to write in that invitation. Well, at least now you can simply write your video call link! You can play online games like, Truth or Dare, Ludo, Cards Against Humanity, battle royale games, and many more! Or maybe, play karaoke tunes from youtube, and voila, an online karaoke party!


#StayAtHome Gifts?

It’s obvious that giving a birthday gift in this kind of situation would not be safe. So, why not just send it? You can actually have time to make DIY gifts, handwritten notes, or any DIY projects you can do (and give) while in quarantine! If you’re not much of a DIY kind of person, sending flowers, hampers, comfy sleepwear, or even cookwares. Anything to accompany them during quarantine!


Virtual potluck!  

When you can’t dine together without getting scared of getting a virus, you can always eat together–virtually! Each person can get dressed like they are going somewhere nice, bring their own food and beverages, and eat it while you’re on the video call. You can get all of them to explain the dish they e-bring.


Don’t forget the cake and candles!

A gathering without a cake is just a meeting. See if any local dessert place is open to bake you the best quarantined-birthday cake. It can be a cheesecake, chocolate cake, and many other irresistible cake options. Make sure you don’t forget the candles! See our birthday cakes at ___________.


Decoration? Why not?

To add some cherry on top to the best quarantined birthday ever is to decorate the background of our video call! Get your Christmas lights, plants, balloons, candles, and other decorative pieces to make it seem like an insta-worthy birthday.


Enjoy it while it lasts.

One thing being in quarantine has taught us, is that we should have been living in the moment, and make the best out of our days. Rather than complaining about how we could not celebrate the usual way, it’s way much better to embrace this online birthday party, pretty sure it’s going to be a great story to tell in the future!


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