How to Host an Iftar Gathering at Home

 Iftar Gathering

Ramadan is one of the most awaited months to host a perfect iftar gathering and reunite with your friends or relatives.

During the pandemic, we are not allowed to host a big iftar gathering in public places. We can only do it at home and invite a few close friends. But now we can once again gather for iftar at home or at a restaurant. If you want to throw an iftar gathering at home, here’s a simple guide to get you started!

Ask your family member’s permission

If you’re still a child or a teen, you should ask your family member’s permission first before throwing a big iftar gathering at home. Because you wouldn’t want their iftar to be bothered, right? 😂

Spread the Invitation! 📧

Before you start ordering foods online or buying the ingredients you’ll need for iftar, be sure to list how many friends that will come to the gathering. You can do that by asking them to vote whether they’re coming or not. That way you can prepare the things you’ll need easily.

Turn on your creative mode, and make a cute and simple invitation card. Get your camera ready to capture all the best moments and prepare a few mini-games to make the iftar gathering fun yet memorable.

Pick your iftar menu

If you are a type of person who likes fast food instead of making a homemade dish, you can order some foods and beverages by simply clicking it on your phone. Don’t forget to tell your friends to vote on what food and beverages they want, after that you can order the menu that has been selected. Make sure all of your friends come to the gathering! Don’t forget to display some dates or cookies as a light snack for iftar.

For you who are still confused about what to order for iftar? Here’s a recommendation from The Pancake Co. just for you! Go and order it now 😉

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