How to Throw the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party

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Throwing kids’ birthday parties can be quite overwhelming, as you might not know the right way to do it, and you’re scared that he/she won’t like it. So here’s a simple guide to throw the best kids’ birthday party for your loved little one(s)!


What Do They Want?

A lot of kids are quite adaptable and would love any kind of celebration they got, as long as they get parental attention and normal routine. Not going to lie, anything you decide to do will require some work. We need to reevaluate his/her interests, along with the friends’ interest at the moment. This can be done from asking directly, or from observation. 


Don’t Forget the Invitation!

Oh no, how many kids should come? At what time? This is the importance of asking and seeing everybody’s daily schedule, so they can make time and attend the birthday party altogether. Now with the invitation design, it’s always practical to ask a professional to make it, or you can make one for free with softwares! You can let your kid to make one themselves, and maybe add a homemade touch if that is preferred. 


Don’t Forget the Cake!

Ah, the essentials of a birthday party. Let your kid pick the birthday cakebirthday cake they want! Or if they still can’t decide, you can pick one that really fits into his/her character or even their interest. Maybe it’s a floral cake, a character cake, a simple glazed cake with pretty candles on it, and etc. Also the flavor should be the one that they like the most! Is it cheesecake, chocolate cake, fruit cake, or even matcha cake?


The Long-Awaited Goody Bags!

For some people, growing up, attending birthdays has one specific interest in mind, which is getting the Goody Bags. Kids really love goody bags, and sometimes they don’t care what’s inside. They just love getting something. You don’t need to go crazy with what’s inside, but make sure it’s consume-able or usable for them! Maybe get something educational too, so it can be used long-term. But never ever forget to include candies in the goody bags! 


The Birthday Child’s Preparation

“Now where’s the birthday girl/boy?” Being the star of the party is not always easy. Kids aged 1-2 years old may get overwhelmed, while those aged 3-4 years old can really anticipate it. Although, it is best to talk to them the evening before the party. Don’t forget to ask which toys they don’t want to share with his/her friends. Also remind him/her that they will get presents at the end so they will be excited!


Baby, Let the Games Begin!

So, what do you do in the party other than blowing candles and eating the cakes and food? Definitely FUN AND FESTIVE GAMES! Some suggestions include:

  • Warm-up activities: this can be coloring, stickers, and writing something on birthday items. Maybe hars, aprons, signs, or even plates!
  • Decoration!: You can include face painting, temporary washable tattoos, or even hand-stamps, some kids are really into this!
  • Scavenger hunt: the act of trying to find something is really intriguing for kids. You can ask them to find eggs, mittens, balls, boxes, and etc. This can also help them problem solve and get competitive and fun!
  • Shake it off: Music and dancing is always the way to go when it comes to birthday parties for kids. If there’s a dance floor, they for sure will dance it off there. This can also be the right time to play musical chairs!


Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget the prizes!


All contents here are considered as opinion. Please seek consultation to the doctor regarding health issues coming from kids’ birthday parties. 

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