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It’s World Chocolate Day

It’s World Chocolate Day! Oh wait, are we a little late? Worry not, we’ve been hard at work for the past week preparing a surprise for you. To celebrate world chocolate day just over a week ago, we are beyond excited to announce the launch of our new and delicious, Chocolate New York Cheesecake!

This marks the perfect time for us to release what we think will be your new favorite product! We took two of the world’s most loved flavors, Cheese and Chocolate, combined them to produce a world-class medley of heavenly delights. Its exterior is crusted with soft and moist Chocolate, its skin bare and inviting, beckoning for a bite.

Cream Cheese

A wave of cream cheese lies beneath that inviting exterior, its freshness and saltiness waiting to be released as the crust crumbles, all the rich and creamy flavors that were held back seemingly unleashing itself upon those who taste it, mixing well with the remnants of velvety sweet chocolate.

The Chocolate

The chocolate itself proved to be an excellent complementary flavor, with its silky texture colliding with its milky sweet taste. However, we at DORÉ by LeTAO took it a step further by using this delicious masterpiece as an appetizer to welcome the wonderful cream cheese inside!

Chocolate Cheese

Chocolate-Cheese are among every cook’s top recipes and we too would like to have this added to our menus. Furthermore, we envision a future where we can provide our people the cakes they want, a future where our Chocolate New York Cheesecake becomes a DORÉ classic, and a future where DORÉ is known as a brand that listens to and cares about their people.

What do you think of our Chocolate Day surprise?

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