Lebaran Special Fromage: Cendol Nangka Fromage

Lebaran Special Fromage: Cendol Nangka Fromage

Cendol and Nangka (Jackfruit) are famous among Indonesian! It’s been our traditional drink and unique versatile fruit. Cendol has been most of the Indonesian kids’ childhood drinks. I remember how often I drink cendol when I was a kid! Meanwhile, Nangka or Jackfruit has been a unique fruit for me. It can be sweet and savory food and both of them always deliver a tasteful dish! 

As you already know, we prepare something special for this Lebaran! Cendol Nangka Fromage is one of our special edition Fromage Cake for this Lebaran. For those who are not familiar with Fromage Cake, it’s a Cheesecake. Let me tell you something, this cake is really delicious and we put a message too for this cake. Let’s get to know it 🙂

Meaning of Cendol

As I said before, Cendol is my childhood drink. I have a beautiful memory of it, especially with my father. Every Sunday, we went to Glodok then drink Cendol on the side of a street on Sunny day. I used to accompany him to do some of his work, walk around Glodok, buy some stuff, then drink Cendol for snack time. 

A little fun fact, ‘Jendol’ means bump which reminds us all of the bumps that we have in this life. This is why cendol form looks like a lump, bump, or a little bit like a worm. It reminds me of a little bump that we will face in life. It can be overwhelming, and that’s why Cendol reminds me that we still need help from others and vice versa.

Nangka: “Jack-Fruit” of All Trades

Nangka is truly the Jack of All Trades in the fruit kingdom! It can be a savory and sweet dish. You can enjoy it when they ripe or unripe! It bears the largest fruit of all trees, reaching as much as 55 kg (120 pounds) in weight, 90 cm (35 inches) in length, and 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter. It is a popular fruit in South and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Ripe Jackfruit / Nangka is naturally sweet and usually make as dessert cuisine, such as es teler. Unripe or young Nangka usually cooked with curry and become a savory dish. You can eat their seeds and fruit flesh! Recently, Nangka becomes a ‘meat’ replacement for vegans and vegetarians. How awesome is that? This is why Nangka deserves the title of “Jack(Fruit) of All Trades”!

Cendol Meets Nangka in Our Signature Fromage

In this special creation for Lebaran, we want to combine these iconic two flavors for our customers with our signature Fromage Cake. DORÉ Fromage Cake is perfect for this combination because we make it light and with the perfect ratio of sweetness. This Fromage Cake is different from the usual Cheesecake. We make it harmonious with our creamy sweet Fromage cake. These two amazing flavors will make our Fromage more delicious and give you a different experience too!

What makes it special is, Cendol Nangka Fromage has special meaning for us. We want to share this beautiful message with you too. As you already know cendol means, Cendol Nangka Fromage reminds us that we still need help and helping each other too! Besides that, we need to be versatile to help each other, like out Nangka. In the spirit of “Heart of Giving”, we hope this cake will make you moved to start helping each other 🙂

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