Mother’s Day: The Everlasting Love

Mother's Day: The Everlasting Love

Hi! Happy Mother’s Day for all mothers around the world.

On this happy and precious day, let’s take some time to appreciate someone who has an irreplaceable role for us.

A mother never complains when she is in trouble. When we are sad, she always tries to cheer us up. When we are hungry, she will provide food for us whereas she prefers to not eat anything.

A mother’s sacrifice is so big for her family. She protects her family with all her heart and soul.

We are different from our mothers, and sometimes we often fight because of different opinions. Sometimes we think our mothers are stubborn, angry, and even bossy. Even though she might be harsh by scolding us, but deep inside she still loves us with all of her heart.

Have you ever wondered what would a house be without a mother? She is a real figure of warmth and unity in the family.

When we are happy, have we ever thought about her? Some of us tend to forget about our own family. There are some who make family a priority, but some forget it.

No matter how many arguments you have experienced, we appreciate the struggle and affection of our mothers.

Let’s share our love together with sweets. Our mother is so graceful, kind, and she is truly an angel. She is very sincere, her heart is pure, beautiful, and lovely, just like Strawberry Shortcake. A delicate cake that is truly everyone’s favorite.

Let’s celebrate our Mother’s day with Strawberry Shortcakes.

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