PSBB Jakarta is Back, What Should You Do?

PSBB Jakarta is Back, What Should You Do?

PSBB (large-scale social restrictions) Jakarta is officially announced to be back due to the rising number of Covid-19 patients in Jakarta by the Governor. What should we do under PSBB regulations?


We all know that the mortality rate has really increased in Jakarta due to Covid-19, and we would all see ourselves after the pandemic all safe and sound. In order to do that, we need to comply with the PSBB regulations, the way we were a few months ago before transitional PSBB. But Work From Home (WFH) can be very boring, stressful, and prison-like. What can we do then?


At-Home Entertainment

Due to the PSBB regulations, many entertainment places will be closed again. There are so many entertaining things we can do while at home! Such as home karaoke, online yoga, movie nights/days through online streaming platforms, online shopping, online dance classes, and many more. Truly, happiness comes from our own mindsets, and believe in yourselves!


Food Orders?

Food and Beverage businesses will only allow take away or delivery. Please do comply to these rules by ordering through online, and spend the least amount of time possible outside if you ever have to order by take away. 


Public Activities

Postpone all public activities, as advised. If you by any chance are about to make or attend a public event, please do avoid it or postpone it, and alert everyone else to avoid crowded situations.


Office Shifts?

If, by the time PSBB has officially started again, your office still does not comply with the PSBB regulations, please do remind the office authorities,  and you can report your office though the JAKI application, so that there is no violation to the worker-employer relationship. This way, we can all show concern to this pandemic.


We need to stop the spread of coronavirus in Indonesia. Let’s stay safe and healthy from home!

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