Reintroducing: Our Savoury Mango Coconut Fromage

Mango Coconut Fromage

We are beyond excited to reintroduce our Seasonal Mango Coconut Fromage đŸ¤© Now is the time for us to bring out one of the classics: When sweet-savory cheese collides with bursts of tangy, luscious sparks of mango to bring out true bliss in our mouths. Need a reminder of what that tastes like? Let’s jump straight in.

The Prelude

Picture yourself in front of the kitchen counter, it’s now 4 pm in the afternoon and you had just finished your daily routines. It’s 37 degrees outside and you’re dead tired, you look towards the fridge and inch towards it, hoping to snack on that cake you’ve been saving up. You open the fridge and see, lo and behold, a bright and glistening yellow cake awaits you. Its aura is radiant as it overpowers any bad vibrations that might have clung on. You can almost smell the sweet and refreshing scent of mango from inside the cake as the sprinkles of chewy coconut beckon your tongue to have a taste.

The Experience

You take a couple slices as you sit on your recliner, and immediately feel as though your worries have been taken away as your body sinks into the soft fabric, your bones letting out a cry for joy. Then you proceed to take a bite of that cake that’s been waiting for so long, and your senses blackout. You are immediately rushed with heavenly goodness as the sweetness of cheese is heading on a straight collision course with the liquid mango that lives in the cake.

Once let out, it wastes no time and starts exploring the mouth, the liquid mango flowing through every nook and cranny, bringing with it a sweet and tropical scent. It eventually collides with the softness of cheese, sprinkled with tiny tints of thin and chewy coconut to create a celestial taste of divine goodness. The trumpets sound inside you as the sweet and savory taste of cheese meets with the strong, overbearing, and refreshing taste of mango that will jolt you awake immediately.

The Ending

Together, they truly bring out the best in each other, the mango tastes just right so as to tickle your tongue, blessing it with sweetness and freshness. The cheese is applied on a soft and delicate texture, ensuring that every bite is as heavenly as it is sweet. Once finished, you get back up from the recliner and put the cake back into the fridge. As you walk back a grin begins to form on your lips, you’re happy you took the time to taste this as you continue with your evening.

Thank you for staying until the end, we truly are excited to re-share this delicacy. How do you feel about the Mango Coconut Fromage? Well, you can’t really say without having tried it, but once you have, let us know in the comments below! đŸ¥³




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