Ruby Fromage: Pretty in Pink & Romantic

Ruby Fromage Cheescake

Do you remember our RUBY FROMAGE? Or the color? Or even the taste of it?

Ruby Fromage was one of our fromage options back then. Beautiful pink color like a heart that will remind you about Love. But do you know it’s not just the color that really makes you under the spell? Let’s find out more about what’s the magic of Ruby Fromage?

Ruby Chocolate: Beautiful Gift from Nature

The pink color that we get it’s not from food coloring, it’s purely from our cocoa bean. Ruby Chocolate is the newest type of chocolate, and you can read more about it here as we ever write about it. Need more than 10 years to develop Ruby Chocolate for Barry Callebaut. Ruby cocoa beans naturally have this beautiful color of pink and Ruby Chocolate contains no berries or added coloring.

Ruby cocoa beans grow under unique climate conditions, like Ecuador, Brazil, and Ivory Coast. As it is really unique and gives you notes of berry flavor, make it really special and like a magic spell. Dazzling pink full of Love and Magic!

Dazzlingly Pink and Romantic!

We know that pink color is a universal color that reminds you of Love or a Female’s color. The color pink is indeed a universal language of Love for yourself or even Others. As you can see our Ruby Fromage has a soft pink color that makes you feel loved, in harmony,  and even a sense of inner peace

It is true, Pink is not just associated with feminine things! It is known too that the pink color symbolized approachability. So if you feel that Ruby Fromage makes you comfortable and easy to fall in love with it, you are not wrong! Can you feel the magic of Ruby’s? Because while I’m writing this it feels like it’s a person called Ruby 😂

Are You Ready for THE COMEBACK?

Yes! You will meet our RUBY FROMAGE soon again. We want to bring this full of Love and Magical fromage for your special occasions or even for your sweets craving. Beautifully pink and romantic Ruby Fromage will make you full of Love and Peace 😍

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