‘Rumah Faye’ x DORÉ: Love to the World

'Rumah Faye' x DORÉ: Love to the World

In this hard time, DORÉ wants to spread their Love to a bigger circle. As you know, we value our Love philosophy as our main focus on each step and creation. We do with Love and for Love. We’ve been promoting Self-Love and For The Loved Ones, so this month we want to make a bigger impact for Someone in Need. It is for The World.

The World needs more Love and helps to make a better living. We are in need to help each other to make a better humanity. DORÉ realized we cannot do this by ourselves, that’s why we do a collaboration with ‘Rumah Faye’. You may wonder what it is and why we want to work together with them. Let’s get to know ‘Rumah Faye’ first!

Who is ‘Rumah Faye’?

‘Rumah Faye’ is a non-profit organization whose mission is to free Indonesian children from human trafficking, violence, and exploitation. ‘Rumah Faye’ was founded by Faye Hasian Simanjuntak when she was really young. She’s been active to help children who are in need since she was young. She’s been regularly visiting orphanages with her parents, and from there slowly she’s realized there are so many kids in need.

Faye’s parents always remind her that it was important to Give Back because she’s privileged. With this message in her mind, she starts to find a way to help these children which is a Home. A safe place for children from human trafficking, violence, and exploitation.

“Kids have rights that must be Respected” – Faye Simanjuntak on TEDxJakarta

How ‘Rumah Faye’ Helps The Kids?

What breaks her heart the most is when she heard some children, especially girls, telling their story how they got trafficked and sexually exploited. Even worse, the attacker 30% from their own family (such as brother, father, uncle, grandfather) and 60% from other close people (such as teacher, nanny, family’s friends). Home is supposed to be the safest place for children, but it’s not the case for these kids. This is why Rumah Faye has 3 steps to achieve its mission by Prevention, Rescue, and Recovery.

Prevention is a really important step to stop these unwanted things for children. it is to increase community awareness of child trafficking, child exploitation, and sexual violence against children. Education to the children and community so they will understand it is not normal to do that or get that kind of treatment. Educating them about sex education and child’s rights will help them be aware and understand too.

Rescue is to rescue children from trafficking exploitation, and sexual abuse. After Rescue, we provide a Recovery step too. It is to provide safe haven, including counseling, education, and life skills, for victims of child trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. This is how they help the kids and they hope by doing these 3 steps, will reduce the damage and more prevention and help.

Heart of Giving, Love for Humanity

Faye wants us to be aware that this is happening around us, around our community. By being aware and helping them, it is a big movement. DORÉ are sincerely and deeply touched by their passion and cause for humanity. This is why we are really grateful to have ‘Rumah Faye’ as our partner! We want to help the children and hope for a better world to live in.

To give a bigger impact, we help ‘Rumah Faye’ by giving free birthday cakes for all the children that they rehabilitate in their homes. We will help raise awareness among our customers by sharing ‘Rumah Faye’ stories and missions by putting up banners and brochures in our shops and posting on our social media platforms. And we put Heart of Giving boxes to gather donations from anyone to help ‘Rumah Faye’ in their cause.

We hope with this partnership, can bring more Love to the World and Humanity.


DORÉ by LeTAO ❤️

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