Special Cakes for Your Special Moments

Special cakes for your special ocassions presented by DORE by LeTAO

Nowadays, cakes have been a highlight in almost every celebration. But sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right cake for a certain moment. But with DORE by LeTAO, we offer you countless different cakes that suit any of your celebrations. Take a look at some of our cake recommendations below.

  1. Grandeur Hazelnut Praline

Looking for something classic and comforting? Grandeur Hazelnut Praline might be the best choice for your occasion. Our signature fromage is crafted with love carefully to make sure you can enjoy every slice of it. The magical taste of hazelnut and cheese would melt right away, the perfect companion for coffee in the afternoon with your elderly. Worry not, the classic choice is never wrong. Enjoy a slice of Grandeur Hazelnut Praline while having a small talk or after a light walk.

  1. Gateâu au Neufchâtel

Ending an outing with your best friends would be perfect with Gateâu au Neufchâtel. Our finest selection of cheesecake offers you diverse flavors and textures, a fun experience to try with your friends. The tangy mango pineapple marmalade with crunchy cranberry hazelnut crumble will leave a refreshing yet sweet note in your heart after a tiring day. Take a break, deep breath, and enjoy a slice of Gateâu au Neufchâtel.

  1. Ichigo Rare Cheesecake

The delicate sweetheart for the ones dearest to your heart. Fresh strawberries with honey strawberry cheesecake mousse and strawberry jelly surely will be the best choice for children. With the sweet and sour combination, it will be hard to resist Ichigo Rare Cheesecake’s appeal. Not only vibrant in color, but the Ichigo Rare Cheesecake is also incredibly tasty and soft. It is a no-bake cheesecake and has less sugar, hence it is less for you to worry about.

Have you decided cakes of your choice? Feel free to leave questions below.

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