Sweet and Sincere Gifts For Eid Mubarak


There is nothing wrong with preparing Eid Mubarak gifts for your loved ones starting now. Eid Mubarak is one of the most awaited religious celebrations by many people, especially the people of Indonesia! They gather with their loved ones to forgive each other and share gifts with a sincere heart 🤍.

Are you still unsure about what to give for Eid Mubarak? Don’t worry, we got your back!

Spread the love and be forgiving

Gathering with the people you love and sharing Eid Mubarak gifts with a sincere heart can be an opportunity to improve your relationships with them. 

Every gift you give can open people’s hearts and make their day better! Whether it’s a big or a small gift, give it in person or through someone else. That sincere feeling you share through your gift will reach their hearts 🎁.

Sincerity is an open heart

Purifying the heart during the holy month can increase confidence and success. With forgiveness, you can strengthen relationships with other people and relieve your stress. You can start your conversation by preparing a simple gift of forgiveness with a sincere heart!

Special gift for your loved ones

Cookies are one of the best treats to have and enjoy during Eid Mubarak! It is light and rich in nutrients and protein. Not only buttery, but it’s also sweet and crunchy 🍪.

This Eid Mubarak, DORÉ is bringing you Fromage (cheesecake), the sweet and savory dessert, it freshens up your mood after a month of fasting, and it has this smooth texture. Moka Au Café, your favorite sweet and nutty combination, it’s a classic dessert to enjoy with your loved ones, it’s smooth and crunchy on top.

Being sincere can open many hearts, including your own, if you want to purchase these gift sets, you can do it by simply clicking our WA button on the right corner.

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