Thanksgiving: How to celebrate safely during COVID-19

Thanksgiving: How to celebrate safely during COVID-19

Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 26th, 2020. It established as one on which value hard work, celebrate productivity, and for the people to thank each other. In Japan, they call this ritual Niinamesai (新嘗祭). It’s a ritual that shows thanks for the blessing of corps. It has become a day in which each member of the family thanks the others for the hard work completed over the course of the year. There will be a few adjustments to celebrate especially because of COVID-19.

A New Tradition

How to celebrate it while we still in the pandemic? Thanksgiving is a great time to be together with your loved ones, your family.

Here some steps to celebrate it in this new era:

Skip Travel

Traveling is a high-risk way. You can get COVID-19 during traveling. You may not have symptoms and in a good condition, but you can still spread the virus to others. Celebrating it at home will decrease the chance of being exposed to COVID-19.

Having dinner at home

Happy family having dinner at home. Limit it to your family you lived with. You can invite your relatives but keep it 10 people or under. The dinner will be more intimate and fun to do!

Prepare meals and use food delivery

Decreasing the spread of COVID-19, you can prep your own meals without having contact with others. Follow the guidance on how to prepare foods delivered to your house. They might be contained during delivery to your home.

Try virtual dinner

You can still share your precious moments with beloved ones like the usual Thanksgiving tradition. Make sure you have good internet speed and connection. Don’t forget to invite your old friends! 

Follow the protocol

Follow the coronavirus disease technical guidance! Wear a mask, social distancing, follow local rules, be safe, and smart!
Thanksgiving will be different but not canceled. Our family, friends, and our loves can come together celebrating it safe and sound.

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