The Uniqueness of Japanese Dessert Ingredient

The Uniqueness of Japanese Dessert Ingredient

Japanese Desserts always stand out by being different from the typical dessert. They always make a delicious yet balanced flavor too. And another thing, they always have different ingredients for their dessert. Not just a typical cream and sugar, it varies a lot! 

Unlike in the west, desserts are relatively new and it is uncommon for desserts after a meal in Japan. Originally, Japanese desserts were merely an extension of the traditional tea ceremony, designed to maximize the flavor of the all-important tea. 

Usually, Japanese Desserts can be a strange experience about desserts. It is because of their ingredients choices. Here’s some of the Japanese Dessert Ingredient that is commonly used as their dessert!

Azuki Beans

In Indonesia, we know this as a Red Bean or Kacang Merah. We used it usually for soup and some desserts, so do the Japanese! Before sugar, Japan had the Azuki Beans as their sweetness. It is still a popular topping or filling for Japanese desserts. Typically used in a sweet paste called Anko.


Mochigome is a sticky glutinous from a variety of Japanese rice. Usually used in produce mochi! It has a sticky texture and chewy. It gives a sweet flavor from the rice itself. Mochigome’s name that maybe people more know is Glutinous Rice. You can found this ingredient usually in Asian Desserts.

Matcha Tea

tt is not just used as a tea option, but matcha has been a popular ingredient for desserts too! It’s often used for cakes, candies, and ice cream flavor. For the last years, matcha got so many fans from around the world and people are demanding it in every way possible! (before the Avocado fever attack) Matcha is well-known for its high anti-oxidant, healthy, and yummy!


Maybe you are not used to hearing it, but if you ever eat any Japanese Dessert, you will say “Oh this called Kinako!”. It same goes for me! Kinako is a roasted soybean flour and usually sprinkled over the mochi. Kinako tastes sweet with a sesame powder aftertaste. Perfect for a little bit of unique texture and flavor on your desserts!


It is jelly from red algae! The texture is the same as jelly but it is healthier and has fewer calories than jelly. People who are on diet, usually change into Agar as their Jelly replacement. It is a vegetarian substitute too from gelatin in cooking.

Japanese Fruits

In Japan, they use a lot of their signature fruits as part of their desserts, for example, peach and ume! Their peach notoriously large and juicy with thin skin and sweet flesh. It gives a sweet flavor that is different from regular sugar. Ume is well-known for its unique and sour taste. Ume is Japanese apricot and usually use as a candy and ice cream flavor in their desserts.

Unique and Healthier!

If you want a healthier or vegetarian dessert, you should try Japanese dessert or find out more about what they have! They use various ingredients that provide a natural taste and sweet so it is healthier! Some of them are not just used in desserts but in savory dishes too! Ume usually transform into a pickle or well-known as umeboshi. Unique, Yummy, and Healthier option!

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