Truffle: Why it so expensive?

Truffle: Why it so expensive?

Have you heard of truffle? The first time I heard about this mushroom, I almost thought it was chocolate!
In every restaurant, even food that we can order online is now available with various types of truffles. What exactly is this food and what has become so expensive?
Let’s find out!

Originating from Europe

The origin of the first fungus comes from Europe. However, this fungus now exists in 36 countries. There are two types of truffles that have a high selling value are white truffles and black truffles.

Black truffles or tuber melonosporum usually thrive from September to December. This mushroom is native to the Perigord region in southwestern France. While white truffles are commonly found in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy, especially in the countryside around Alba. This mushroom can be found in the winter and autumn seasons.

Difficult to cultivate

There are several types of truffles that are difficult to cultivate. This is because they are not an ordinary type of fungus. They grow under oak, hazel and beech trees. We need to wait about 4 to 7 years before the first fungus grows. If we want to grow truffles, we have to plant the trees first. Many other factors influence the growth of this fungus. not all trees can produce this fungus. Factors of weather, climate, and soil conditions participate in the process of cultivating this fungus.

Extra steps to store it for the long term

This mushroom cannot be stored carelessly. According to the American Chemical Society, the distinctive smell of truffles comes from the chemical compound methane inside of it. The unique aroma of truffles also fades quickly after harvest. The taste quality cannot last more than 7 to 10 days. To get a good taste, truffles must be processed immediately. In other words, the storage time for truffles is also very limited and again this makes them even more expensive.

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