Ways to Get Started for Ramadan


Can’t believe it’s almost Ramadan! Are you ready to start fasting and wake up early in the morning for a pre-dawn meal or suhoor?

Even though the holy month is still days away, there’s nothing wrong with getting started for Ramadan. The COVID-19 has curtailed some of our Ramadan tradition, at least for the last couple of years. But let’s hope this year will be different and better. Here are ways to get started for Ramadan 2022.

Ask for forgiveness

It’s the perfect time to correct yourself from your past mistake, it’s not too late to change and unlock the better version of you 😇

Be sincere in your action, ask for an apology while also forgiving the one you dislike. You can start by sending something sweet like cake and cookies for them to enjoy during suhoor or iftar.

Customize planners and set your goals

It’s time to be creative! Send your friend and family a cute and simple planner to help them sort out their task for the holy month. You can insert some quote that makes them motivated, and don’t forget to add a goal table for them to fill in and achieve during Ramadan.

As for children, you can make an act of kindness chart and print out different cute stickers to patch every time they’re done with their task. This helps to keep them active and excited during Ramadan.

It’s time for grocery shopping!

Grab a cart, and accompany your mom, grandma, or other family members to the grocery store. It’s essential to stock up on nutritious ingredients for suhoor and iftar.

Make sure to add dates, low sugar fruit, vegetables, soy, fish, and other healthy meal to your grocery list. Because it’s important to keep you energized and hydrated throughout the day.

Fix bad habits

Ramadan is not just about no eating and drinking, but It’s also about controlling your emotions and practice your patience. We need to fix our bad habits! That means no fighting, no smoking, no gossiping, etc. Let’s be sincere, spread love, and maintain a good relationship with family and friends. There are many things you can do while you wait for iftar. Maybe you can play games or develop new skills.

Adjust your sleep time and set the alarm

If you’re the type of person who loves to stay up late to finish your work and drink lots of beverages with high caffeine, maybe it’s best to try to change your sleeping pattern for Ramadan. Not only will your concentration and productivity increase, but good sleep can also help strengthen your mood, memory, immune system, etc.

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