What Does Pistachio Do to Your Body?

benefit of pistachio

Pistachio is known as a type of nut, but it is actually considered a seed. Pistachio has a hard shell and it tastes slightly sweet yet addicting. Just like any other type of nut, pistachio is also often found to be made into desserts. For instance, pistachio ice cream, pistachio pudding, and our very own Ruby Pistachio Cake. But what makes pistachio different? What makes it special? Here, we would like to discuss the benefit of pistachio.

  1. Suitable for Maintaining Weight

Pistachio contains fiber and protein that, according to Heidi Godman, could maintain your weight. The fiber would make you feel food in an instant and the protein would make you feel full longer. Hence, there will be less snacking or extra food which could lead to gaining weight. However, it is important to note that you have to consume the right amount of other substances such as healthy fat and carbs.

  1. Antioxidant Powerhouse

The high amount of antioxidants in pistachio is very beneficial for your health. Free radicals could easily get into your body and could attack healthy body cells. The damage could lead to chronic diseases such as cancer. Antioxidant protects healthy cells, hence protecting you from getting chronic diseases. Pistachio is proven to be a powerhouse of antioxidants, therefore it is a good source for a healthy snack or meal.

  1. Keeping Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar in Tact

The fiber in pistachio is not only good for maintaining weight but it is also proven to be able to reduce blood pressure. Fiber is processed differently than carbohydrates, it just goes through your digestive system without needing insulin to digest. Therefore processing fiber is less likely to make your blood sugar rise. Adding pistachio to your diet might improve your overall health, especially for those who want to control their blood pressure and blood sugar.

So, have you tried pistachio yet? Tell us what you think.

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