What Flavor Would You Be?

Flavoured Cake

It’s time for a serious question. If you were a flavor, what would you be? (or at least resemble)


Sometimes, people think that a person’s taste in food is just one random and usual thing about a person. But little did we all know, it possibly can reveal parts of someone’s character!


Dr Alan Hirsch, a US neurologist, conducted a research regarding the link between food choices and behavior. He even quizzed married partners on their choice of food and their compatibility to each other. 


This research revealed that there is, in fact, a link between the food that we eat, how we eat them, and our character or actions. There is a link between perfectionism and the urge to munch tortilla chips. There are also the adventurous type of person, who usually dares to try new flavours, or vice versa. Your preference in taste can also actually come from the environment you grew up in. 


So, What Does Your Taste Say About You?



Those who enjoy salty food, especially the strong flavored one, are usually someone who is ambitious and motivated. They would find themselves aiming high for the things they dream of. 


Sweet Tooth

There are so many people who enjoy sweet food. But those who prefer it more than salty food (or if you prefer dessert over dinner), you are more likely to be very empathetic! You are very willing to help someone who needs a hand, and more agreeable than average. They are also more compassionate towards things. Those who just loooves chocolate, are usually seen as vulnerable/emotional, and more likely to follow their hearts. 


Spicy Lover!

Does your love of spicy flavor say that you are a spicy person? Well, a study claims that those who love spicy food are more willing to take more risks! They enjoy adventure very much. Same as those who love exotic food!


A love of citrus

Those who enjoys citrus or anything related to citrus, always think before they act! According to the research, they might also be more prone to overthinking and anxiousness. But, they are very creative!



You might assume that those who like bitter food are basically bitter food. Well, according to a study, they are actually more associated with being antisocial and narcissistic. Also, they might also be very good at expressing their opinions. 


So, do you think it’s true?

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