What Makes Our Fromage Unique?

Famous for its cheesecake, it is no wonder that our aDORÉbles and their Loved Ones enjoy our Fromage for each of their golden moments. This loving cheesecake is infused with LOVE as the secret recipe, making your celebrations full of love! In this piece, let’s see what makes our Fromage unique and loved by many!

  1. Using LeTAO’s Recipe
    LeTAO is a Japanese brand in Hokkaido that is known for its cheesecake. As a brand by LeTAO, of course, we inherited their recipe to craft our Fromage. Between the layers, there nestles Mascarpone cheese mousse on top of baked cream cheese that will take you straight to the softness of Hokkaido, Japan!
  2. Creative in Flavors
    As the cheesecake specialist for nine years, we challenge ourselves to make a beyond cheesecake. We have launched many exceptional Fromage flavours to match your celebrations, such as White Lotus Fromage for the Mid-Autumn Festival. See our last article to discover the journey of our Fromage flavours!
  3. Cheese with Chocolate Flavor
    Did you know that our Chocolat Fromage has chocolate baked cheese layer? It is a baked cream cheese but in chocolate flavour! It is our unique creativity to fulfil everyone’s love for a combination of chocolate and cheese in one bite.

What is the story between you and our Fromage, aDORÉbles? Comment your thoughts down below! 💙

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