Which Types of Chocolate Are You?

Chocolat Fromage Cheesecake

Chocolate all over places and our minds. There are some types of chocolate that will be our good to go or will always be our favorite one. Every type of chocolate have their own unique flavor and for me, they even have their own character! Sometimes your favorite types of chocolate say something about your personality or what you are aspiring to be. Although it’s not always true, just think of this as a fun game! So are you ready to find out Which Types of Chocolate Are You?

You are sweet, young, have that innocent curiosity childlike vibes: MILK CHOCOLATE

Milk Chocolate usually liked by kids because of its sweetness and milky flavor. Milk Chocolate gives a nostalgic feeling of being a kid again, being curious about everything, innocent about many things, and life just really sweet usually that time. Someone who likes Milk Chocolate does give me the vibes of young, though it’s not always!

You are unique yet elegant on your own ways unlike the other: WHITE CHOCOLATE

White Chocolate from the looks of it, it’s different and elegant and somehow it sparks the richness aura from this chocolate. From the color of white, it radiates unique yet elegant that gives you an idea of a rich and powerful. Someone who likes White Chocolate is unique, elegant, powerful in a delicate way. I see White Chocolate has a similarity with White Horse, a magical one that is soft yet powerful and it give me out female vibes!

You are elegant, old fashioned, and mysterious aura: DARK CHOCOLATE

Elegant, old-fashioned, and mysterious aura really screams a Dark Chocolate! Dark Chocolate is known as pure chocolate too because there are no other ingredients other than the chocolate itself! It has a bitter taste but a pure chocolate flavor. Usually Dark Chocolate exudes an elegant old-fashioned way and mysterious aura because of the darkness of the color. Sometimes it exudes sensual vibes too.

You are fun, refreshing, and reminds of summer: RUBY CHOCOLATE

Ruby Chocolate is brand new chocolate and it does remind me of fun, refreshing, and summer! You are pretty adventurous too if you like this flavor. Because you like to taste new things and not afraid of it. You are not afraid of getting out of your comfort zone too! The color and the taste of this chocolate just remind me of summer a lot!

So which types of chocolate are you? And don’t forget to grab that chocolate while reading this and treat yourself too! 😉

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