Why Pistachios Are Considered Luxury?

We can all agree that pistachio has the charm to allure everyone’s taste buds. This green-coloured nut has a nutty, mildly sweet, and earthy taste note that is quite luxurious, especially in baking. It is no wonder that pistachio made it one of the world’s top 10 expensive nuts. But it leads to a question, why are pistachios considered luxury?

  1. Queen of Sheba Legend
    It started with a legend that told us a story about the greediness of the Queen of Sheba when it comes to pistachio. Just like us, she loved pistachio so much. But this pistachio obsession led to her declaration of pistachio as a royal food. Through her declaration, she forbids farmers from harvesting pistachios to be sold out to everyone for their consumption.
  2. Specific Place to Grow Pistachio
    Pistachio trees are quite particular about where they thrive, as they are native plants requiring specific conditions. According to Heart of The Desert, these trees flourish in places with cool winters with no frozen ground and hot summers with low humidity for optimal ripening. The United States, Iran, and Turkey are the top three producers for producing 97% of pistachio worldwide. Given the unique growing requirements and limited locations, having access to these nuts is truly a luxury.
  3. Requires Labor Work
    Ensuring an undamaged harvest takes a lot of labour work. Each pistachio nut is hand-sorted to eliminate leaves, twigs, and bugs. It also takes humans to quality control pistachio that machines can’t do. Apart from many beneficial nutrients in pistachios, this is one of the reasons why pistachios are very expensive!

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