Pancake Burger Is Coming to Your Rescue!

Pancake Burger Is Coming to Your Rescue!

Have you ever have any cravings for pancakes and burgers at the same time?

Want to eat something that you can grab and carry everywhere without any hassle?
Or you are feeling down while you are staying home period?

There is Pancake Burger Series now!
It is a perfect solution for everything that you want. You can get all your worries away with The Pancake Co newest collection. Do you know why is that? Let’s dig in together!

Stay Home & Stay Away, Stress!

Since Covid cases get worse, we should stay inside and go back to quarantine. We know quarantine can be hard for some of us, if you are struggling with it, you can read it here for some inspiration. 

Besides that, eating sweets can reduce your stress level and improve your moods! We know some of you will suddenly crave a fluffy pancake but too lazy to make it. Our new Pancake Burger has a lot of variants and with new packaging, it will make takeaway easier! You can enjoy it anywhere now!

It’s a Sweet Burger

It just so unique and I’m sure you are curious about it as much as we do. Not an ordinary bun, we change it into our fluffy pancakes. You got it two with generous and sweet fillings for your sweet craving. 

Not just that, you will get some surprise inside them! It’s fluffy, crunchy, creamy, and full of fun too. A sweet burger with pancakes are really great and you can eat it at home too now 🙂

Perfect for Kids and Everyone Else

To make your kids happier while quarantine, you can try our Rainbow Crunch Pancake Burger Flavors! It is colorful, fun, and crunchy. The most important thing, there’s a surprise in it and we are very sure kids will love it, even adults too! Reminds you of a rainbow.

We know it’s been a hard couple of these months. But remember, after the rains and storms, there is a rainbow afterward 🙂

“There’s a Rainbow after the Rain”

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