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5 Baked Goods to Accompany Your Quality Time With Loved Ones

Spending quality time with your loved ones couldn’t go wrong with delicate baked goods like cookies, right? These sweet treats come with so many varieties, start from chocolate cookies, cheese cookies, and many more. Here are some of the best cookies to accompany your quality time with your loved ones.

Lé Choco Noir Cookies

Lé Choco Noir Cookies is chocolate cookies made with premium dark chocolate and choco chips that will bring heavenly taste in your mouth. This chocolate cookie is like perfect baked goods for the chocoholic.

Cheddar & Gouda Cookies

If you are into cheese cookies, then Cheddar & Gouda Cookies might be your favorite cookies from DORÉ by LeTAO. This cheese cookie has an incredible taste that comes from a combination of sweet and salty biscuits sprinkled with cheddar and gouda powder. Cheese cookies lovers? Go grab yours!

Earl Grey Cookies

Chocolate cookies or cheese cookies are maybe too classic. If you are craving for cookies with unique taste and aroma, this baked goods may be the one you’ve been waiting for: Earl Grey Cookies. Comes with a perfectly crisp texture and elegant earl grey aroma, these cookies is something worth trying!

Choco Oatmeal Cookies

If you love something timeless that you’ll never get enough, Choco Oatmeal cookies might be a great option. The classic recipe of chocolate cookies combined with oatmeal, cinnamon, and brown sugar will give you a warm and comforting taste that blends perfectly in your mouth. Such perfect baked goods!

Basil & Gonzola Cookies

Another incredibly delicious baked goods you need to give a shot is Basil & Gonzola Cookies. A perfectly light and crunchy cookie loaded with herby basil aroma, sprinkled with gonzola powder leaving a sweet and savory taste that you want more and more.

Be it cheese cookies, chocolate cookies, or another cookie, you can get the best quality cookies with an amazing taste only from DORÉ by LeTAO.

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