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Mubaraq Gran Hampers

Rp2,150,000 Rp2,042,500

This item will be released 19/04/2021.

Our Grand Hampers for this Forgiving Month. Forgive and give someone in this special month and share the Love through simple acts. With the biggest hampers, it is perfect to complete the Eid Celebration! Enjoy this and feel the Love.

You will get Hardbox 2 Tier with Pop-Up Illustration, 1 Pistachio Cookies, 1 Ube Cheese Pound Cake, 1 Coffee Cheddar Cookies, 1 Nastar, 1 Langue de Chat, 1 Kaastengels, 1 Genmaicha Tea, and Sleeve Box.

Share, Accept, and Feel the Love ❤


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