Vanilla Fruit Pound Cake - DORÉ by LeTAO

Vanilla Fruit Pound Cake

Size diameter 12.7cm.
This special pound cake with vanilla and cheese crumble, adds contrast to the tender and yet dense cake.

Available for delivery outside Jakarta (Extra additional charge packaging applied)

Birthday Cake - DORÉ by LeTAO

Birthday Cake

DORÉ by LeTAO Gift Voucher - DORÉ by LeTAO

DORÉ by LeTAO Gift Voucher

Simple way of gifting! A gift exclusively for your loved ones. Give the gift of choice for any special occasion. These gift vouchers can be used for a gratifying journey of taste with our selection of quality products. Available for online order and our selected outlet.

Set of 4 Fromage Pot - DORÉ by LeTAO

Set of 4 Fromage Pot

#fromagepot a touch of sweetness and delight for every moment.

Please, add this product to your shopping cart and kindly choose 4 of your Fromage Pot favorite flavor below.

Cookies And Cream - DORÉ by LeTAO

Cookies And Cream

Cookies and cream have always been the ultimate dream team. What if we add a smooth mascarpone to the team, chill it and serve it to you? Dip your spoon deep to find out!

Peanut Butter - DORÉ by LeTAO

Peanut Butter

We go a long way back with peanut butter – they make the perfect breakfast and picnic treat. So in honor of our friend, here’s a fromage pot filled with creamy goodness. Smooth, nutritious and yummy? You butter believe it!

Toblerone - DORÉ by LeTAO


Toblerone reminds us of lazy Sunday afternoons. Those triangle treats are delightful on its own, but infused to chilled mascarpone? Seventh heaven!

Mr. Milk Chocolate - DORÉ by LeTAO

Mr. Milk Chocolate

Your childhood favorite has grown up and bonds with French Mascarpone. Creamy, chocolatey with a hint of sour – your inner child will jump with delight.

Salted Caramel Bliss - DORÉ by LeTAO

Salted Caramel Bliss

Originally from rural Brittany France, salted caramel has first enchanted French chefs. Our interpretation brings you a sweet, smokey, salty and creamy masterpiece in this little pot.

Hazelnut Dream - DORÉ by LeTAO

Hazelnut Dream

Freshly picked from a family orchard, we roast our hazelnuts perfectly to infuse elegant and nutty flavor into our fromage pot. Bet you’ll be nuts for this pot.

Blueberry Mighty - DORÉ by LeTAO

Blueberry Mighty

Creamy, dreamy and featuring one super food – hurray for dessert that’s rich in antioxidant.

Choco Mint Tingle - DORÉ by LeTAO

Choco Mint Tingle

Fresh but indulgent, oh my – this is probably the world’s perfect marriage. Don’t be jealous – just dig in and spoil yourself.

Coco Chillax - DORÉ by LeTAO

Coco Chillax

Light and velvety, this tastes of sunshine and beach. We went coco loco when we ate this – get ready to be zapped.

Pink Berry - DORÉ by LeTAO

Pink Berry

This is what happens when the cupids gather and bake – pot filled with creamy strawberry, raspberry and some pixie dusts.

Coffee breeze - DORÉ by LeTAO

Coffee breeze

Has your Coffee Mas Index dropped? Come, refill with this magical pot. You’ll be jolted up soon.

Banana Flip - DORÉ by LeTAO

Banana Flip

Skip the peeling and go straight to that creamy filling. Tastes like your good old banana split minus the brain freeze.

Original Fromage - DORÉ by LeTAO

Original Fromage

Get indulged with milky sweetness! Our signature Fromage cake reflects Otaru’s beauty in winter. You will feel like you are biting into snow as a layer of no-bake mascarpone melts through to fluffy baked cream cheese, filling your mouth with a milky sweetness.

Strawberry Fromage - DORÉ by LeTAO

Strawberry Fromage

Welcoming again to our Strawberry Fromage. We uses imported strawberries blended with our signature mascarpone. Paired with sapid cream cheese and finished with strawberry-flavored crumbs.

Chocolat Fromage - DORÉ by LeTAO

Chocolat Fromage

Chocoholics, rejoice.
The Chocolat Fromage cake was specially designed for all chocolate lovers. Velvety cocoa and cream cheese are blended to create a dense sweet chocolate base, then topped with our mascarpone cheese mousse and covered in crumbs of chocolate for a divine treat.

Grandeur Classic Fromage - DORÉ by LeTAO

Grandeur Classic Fromage

Spoil your loved ones with Classic Grandeur Fromage. Milky, smooth, and heavenly, our signature Fromage adds a class to life’s special moments. Silky & melts in your mouth, this will enchant any cheesecake devotee.

Grandeur Classic Fromage made by Pre-Order 2 working days
Chocolate Plate Included
Birthday Set Not Included
Available for Delivery or Pick Up at DORÉ by LeTAO stores

Grandeur Chérie Fromage - DORÉ by LeTAO

Grandeur Chérie Fromage

Let your celebration fall into elegance with our Chérie Fromage. Adorned with a beautiful edible flowers crown, this cake tastes as enchanting as it looks.

Grandeur Chérie Fromage made by Pre-Order 3 working days
Chocolate Plate Included
Includes Candles – 3 pieces
Birthday Set Not Included
Available for delivery or pick up at DORÉ by LeTAO Plaza Indonesia and Plaza Senayan
Available in Original, Chocolat, Strawberry (Input your flavor into Request/Points to note column before checkout)

Grandeur Chocolat Classic Fromage - DORÉ by LeTAO

Grandeur Chocolat Classic Fromage

Made by Pre-Order 2 working days
Chocolate Plate Included
Birthday Set Not Included
Available for Delivery or Pick Up at DORÉ by LeTAO stores

Gorgonzola And Basil Cookies - DORÉ by LeTAO

Gorgonzola And Basil Cookies

Rich Gorgonzola and refreshing basil come together in a savoury cookie that cheese aficionados will love. The intense flavour and soft, crumbly texture make these the perfect pick-me-up treat.

A tantalizing burst of flavors for cheese aficianados

Le Choco Noir Cookies - DORÉ by LeTAO

Le Choco Noir Cookies

Made from finest quality cocoa, we’ve baked these cookies to the perfect texture so that rich dark chocolate fills your mouth with every bite.

The quintessential Chocolat Cookies, Perfected.

Product packaging for our Cookies has been upgraded – photos to follow

Cheddar And Gouda Cookies - DORÉ by LeTAO

Cheddar And Gouda Cookies

We’ve combined sharp cheddar and creamy, sweet gouda to create this light, crumbly, and flavorful cookie. Perfect for canapés or as an after-meal snack.

The intertwining of Sweet and Savory at its best.

Product packaging for our Cookies has been upgraded – photos to follow

Earl Grey Cookies - DORÉ by LeTAO

Earl Grey Cookies

Infused with crisp black tea and bergamot, these luxurious Earl Grey tea cookies leave a light and refreshing aftertaste and will complete any afternoon tea.

A perfect indulgence of Elegance and Serenity.

Financier - DORÉ by LeTAO


Buttery and golden on the outside, light and spongy on the inside. Each DORÉ financier is carefully created to deliver a truly heavenly, nutty almond sweetness.

Bars of Golden Delight.

Chocolat Financier - DORÉ by LeTAO

Chocolat Financier

Buttery and chocolaty on the outside, light & spongy on the inside. This French petit fours Chocolat Financier, perfect for your special moments.

Birthday Gift Set - DORÉ by LeTAO

Birthday Gift Set

1 Fromage Cake, 1 Birthday Candle Set, 1 Birthday Card

Wrapped in our special Gift Set packaging

Birthday set - DORÉ by LeTAO

Birthday set

Celebrate life’s occasions with our birthday sets. Consists of a set of 3 congratulatory buntings along with 5 candles to create beautiful and cherishable memories.

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