Monthly Archives: Agustus 2020

7 Steps to Celebrate Office Birthdays in New Normal

How are we supposed to celebrate our colleagues’ birthday in the office, but Jakarta is still under the New Normal regulations?   As we all know, Indonesia is under the New Normal (PSBB) regulations due to the global pandemic. Some of us are already back to going to the office every weekday. We may have […]

Which Jakarta’s Authentic Dessert Are You?

Did you know that Jakarta’s authentic cuisine resembles your character?  Find out which dessert you are!   Roti Buaya The infamous Roti Buaya is truly an iconic Betawinese dish. The soft and sweet crocodile-shaped bread is well known to be a gift from the groom at a traditional Betawi wedding ceremony for the bride. Along […]

Which Types of Chocolate Are You?

Chocolat Fromage Cheesecake

Chocolate all over places and our minds. There are some types of chocolate that will be our good to go or will always be our favorite one. Every type of chocolate have their own unique flavor and for me, they even have their own character! Sometimes your favorite types of chocolate say something about your […]