6 Reasons Why We Love Brownies

Peanut Butter Brownies

There are so many desserts out there, and there’s one almost everybody could not resist. That is the chocolatey goodness of brownies.

Brownies originated from the United States of America when in 1905, Fanny Farmer adapted her chocolate cookie recipe and made it into a rectangular pan. Although, legends say that a chef accidentally added melted chocolate to a batch of biscuits. Then, there’s this other legend that says that a cook originally wanted to make a cake, but did not have enough flour. Whoever created the brownies will most likely never be known, but brownies will always be our favorite go-to dessert or snack. But why is that?

1.It’s Simply So Addictive!

They are simply super delicious. The rich chocolate, the ooey-gooey/soft texture, and it’s not too dry to munch. Plus, it’s sweet! You will definitely form a smile after every bite. 

2. A Versatile Dessert

Whether it’s an office occasion, a birthday, Eid hampers, just to stock at home, or a special celebration day, brownies always fit all of those occasions and even make it better.

3. A Burst of Chocolatey Goodness!

Almost everyone loves chocolate. In fact, it does make people happy, as they cause the release of endorphins in our brain when we eat it. It also does produce feelings of happiness (serotonin) from small quantities of amino acid in chocolate! No wonder why we always love chocolate. 

4. “It reminds me of…”

Chocolate can really relive those happy moments, either it’s from that special time you ate brownies when you were a kid, a great party or memorable occasion, or that time you ate them with your friends and you guys had a great time. Honestly, any moments can spark from eating brownies!

5. A Happiness Booster

Other than those science-y facts we went through on point 3, it simply is so heartwarming. It has a way of pampering us and improving our mood. Especially when you know the brownies were made/gifted by our loved ones!

6. A Timeless Classic

It is such a timeless classic treat for everyone. You just can’t say no to a great brownie. You could never go wrong with them! 

DORÉ by LeTAO has created two varieties of brownies with hearts for you! Our soft and ooey-gooey brownie is perfected by the nutty and crunchy peanut butter or the savory and sweet cheesecake on top. How perfect does that sound?

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