8 Tahun Perjalanan: Merayakan Everlasting Love 

Tidak terasa, 8 tahun telah berlalu. Cukup panjang perjalanan yang telah dilewati. Namun, setiap waktunya sangat berharga bagi kami, karena perjalanan indah ini ditempuh dengan penuh semangat untuk menghadirkan rasa manis yang penuh cinta.  Semuanya dimulai dengan impian sederhana untuk berbagi cinta dan kebahagiaan melalui makanan manis, dan For the Loved Ones, yang kemudian menjadi […]

What Does Pistachio Do to Your Body?

benefit of pistachio

Pistachio is known as a type of nut, but it is actually considered a seed. Pistachio has a hard shell and it tastes slightly sweet yet addicting. Just like any other type of nut, pistachio is also often found to be made into desserts. For instance, pistachio ice cream, pistachio pudding, and our very own […]

3 Handmade Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

3 Handmade Gift

Other than celebrating by spending time together, giving gifts also became a norm on birthdays. Chocolates, sweets, or desserts are the highlight of the day, but you surely want to make your celebration with your loved ones even more memorable. Personalized and handcrafted gifts might interest you as each of them are one-of-a-kind and has a […]

Date Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

celebrating valentine with DORE by LeTAO

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is a good opportunity to ask your loved ones to have quality time together. Usually, Valentine’s Day is associated with fine dining, gift exchanging, and giving chocolate. But other than ‘the usual’ practices, what activity can you do with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Worry not, we have some […]

Special Cakes for Your Special Moments

Special cakes for your special ocassions presented by DORE by LeTAO

Nowadays, cakes have been a highlight in almost every celebration. But sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right cake for a certain moment. But with DORE by LeTAO, we offer you countless different cakes that suit any of your celebrations. Take a look at some of our cake recommendations below. Grandeur Hazelnut Praline Looking […]

Year of the Water Rabbit

Chinese New Year, the year of water rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the water rabbit year. Chinese zodiac signs associate birth years with specific animals such as dragons, ox, tigers, rabbits, and more. Besides animals, each sign also has elements such as wood, fire, water, earth, and metal. So what does water rabbit year mean? Let us discuss it together. […]

The Red Color Meaning in Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year with DORE by LeTAO

The celebration of the Chinese New Year could last for days. It will start from the preparations for the New Year, the spring festival, and then the lantern festival as its closing. There are countless habits and customs surrounding Chinese New Year such as eating certain foods or desserts, giving gifts, and wearing or using […]

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